Awake, Aware, Intentional

Each Year and Every Month we reset the game board

  • Applied Improvement
  • Intentional Movement
  • Think then Lift
  • Be on purpose first

This is where the vision happens

Observe doing as team

Eyes wide open, on purpose, on a journey as part of a team.

  • The Daily High 5
  • Communities
  • Teams
  • Guilds

This is where life takes place

Demo, Celebrate and Guild

Crashed learning with other teams in community.

  • End of week Ceremony
  • Demonstration
  • Celebration
  • Guilding Behaviors

This is where teams get better fast

Improve, Eyes Open, Curious

A healthy dose of doubt around your own rightness

  • Retrospective's
  • Introspective's
  • Group Analytics
  • Continuous Improve.

This is where people evolve their thinking

A Better Life, The Improvement Game

With your help, we will continue to build the software and frameworks that make it all possible, that the ease of use and appeal of something like World of Warcraft, or Candy Crush could be deployed and the participants enabled to build those same fast, deep relationships the gamers form, but in the context of some greater learning. The same model, helping you to improve your real-life character with as much ease and fun as building your in game avatar!

For now the best thing you can do is play the game.

New teams form just before the first full week of each month. The go on a 4+ week journey together running a full on blitz through one of the key game specialties. Some teams then stay attached to go together on a larger journey of a larger group. Others go back to the speed-dating round and roll the dice again on team composition and perhaps target arena. There are twelve 4+ week team cycles per year across 52 weekly sessions. If you come in after the 1st Sunday of the month, you will be part of next months games.

Enjoy, -Leadership Gamez.

The Game Explained

One part game dynamics (rules and ceremonies) and one part the game board (software) A Better Life, The Improvement Game and all of its components are an effort to help anyone that wants, an opportunity to plug into a powerfully, right aligned, group of others that are all about taking massive action as they journey together.

  • Interrupting the Autopilot

    There are many systems, much like breathing, where we have significant control, but much of the life of that system is on autopilot. Further the number of folks that seek proper training in breathing as a manual function regarding exercise, music, or meditation is otherwise limited through mindlessness and option depravity.

  • The Daily High Five 1% of your day

    The simple act of check-in with others is just as much about checking in with yourself, in the presence of others. Do this and remove much of the waste that tends to build up with traditional approaches to problem solving, people motivation and results in general.

Why it all matters so much

  • The origins of the games part one

    Many of the people I love would not consider themselves gamers. But there are a few magical things to take away from gaming that I know would improve their lives. That same group, is often also, not likely to be a programmer. Similarly, there are a few things one learns, as they take on the life of a programmer that I really think would change the lives of everyday people as well.

    This platform takes what works in big gaming around connecting strangers together to go on multi-week engagements with the background support of a game framework that takes the sting out of all the work and cost normally associated with such large and specific productions.

    It puts people connecting with people at the middle of the table and spirals outward from there as they begin helping, learning from and journeying with one another. This is to give a tiny real life extension of purpose mixed with action in your every day, stepping out of the social media like button, right into the community of, "This morning I laid on my yoga matt for 25 minutes. I didn't do any phenomenal stretching or anything, but I got dressed, I held the time, I showed up in my life and perhaps tomorrow I will too!"

  • The origins of the games part two

    6 years of teaching software companies how to behave, raising 5 amazing kids, 18 years or professional software development. Self-taught on all accounts and I love sharing the secrets to learning and succeeding.

  • The origins of the games part three

    If companies would go first it would change everything. Just like that, all but overnight, large companies playing a version of this game would help the world to feel better, and to know a better way to move forward.